2016 Beauty Trends

2016 Beauty Trends

Week in, week out there are beauty trends coming out faster than we can keep up. Where a handful can be consider staples in your daily beauty routine, others leave us feeling a bit questionable. We’re here today to debunk the fads and take a look at some of the trends that we currently can’t get enough of.

Matte lips


Is Kylie Jenner to thank for this trend? Probably not, as a matte lip look has been around for years but the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner klan has placed a spotlight on it making us all go crazy. Nothing says chic more than a matt lipstick. Chances are that getting your hands on a Kylie Jenner lip kit may pose tricky, but Revlon, NYX, L.A Girl, ColourPop and many other brands are filling the empty void that ‘out of stock’ messaging on Kylie’s site have left.

Bold brows


Did our look at microblading cast a light on the importance of eyebrows? We hope so. Sure, the bushy brows look won’t suit all faces, but that doesn’t mean your eyebrows have to be non-existent. Accentuating your brows to look fuller and have a more bold look will do wonders for framing your face. Benefit Cosmetics offer incredible brow products to help you go from sparing to seriously stylish eyebrows.



No, we don’t mean baking a cake… but rather your makeup. Want to look stunning in photos? Baking your makeup will give you that picture perfect look you desire. The trick is to let your loose powder ‘bake’ from the heat of your skin over your concealer (normally under the eye area). Once it’s been sitting for a while, take a brush and blend it all in. Hello, gorgeous photos.

Go nude


You can’t go wrong with a great nude colour. Matching your lipstick or eyeshadow to your skin tone is a trend that will never go out of style. We’re talking tans, browns and rose-golds that give off a minimal, effortless look that will have everyone jealous. NYX’s butter glosses have some ideal lip shades and Urban Decay’s Naked eyeshadows are a staple for the eyes. All you need to do is now walk out and dazzle!

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