2016 Summer Style Trends

2016 Summer Style Trends

It’s finally feeling like Summer in South Africa. Temperatures are soaring which have us both a bit excited and nervous for December which is looming closer. We’re in for a scorcher of a summer, which begs for the questions, are you ready in your Summer style? No worries, we’re here to give you a low-down on the key looks you have to be sporting this season. 



You can never go wrong with pastel shades. From bomber jackets and blazers to dresses and shoes, the pastel shade is taking over this season. The colours we’re gravitating towards include rose-golfer hues, pinks and mint greens. 

Bomber jackets


Will this trend ever go out of fashion? We think not. What was a trend you’d think to see in Winter, has been brought forward to summer too. With lighter weight and more playful colours and patterns, the bomber jacket is being paired with everything and everything to give an edgy look.



Gym clothing are the definition of comfort, so to be able to wear them out in other settings including a night out or the office makes us happy. With that said, we don’t want to be rocking the sweaty style but rather a more put-together look that will have heads turning (for the right reasons). Brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma and even TopShop with their Beyonce collection Ivy Park are churning out look after look. Key items include pretty kicks, comfortable and appropriate legging, a sports jacket and the confidence to pull it all off. Before you know it, everyone will be coming your way for tips on how to pull off the look. 



 Channel your former teenage self with a choker. Paired with a simple, casual outfit or something more dressier, it adds a touch of edge to a outfit. Keep it sleek and minimal or bold and more elaborate, there’s a choker for every style and personality to rock out. 

Distressed denim 


Ripped jeans scream bold and in your face – we love it! Granted, you can’t rock up to work looking as if you just got into a fight but the right ripped denim can go a long way. A slight rip or two, and cuffed at the ankle with a blazer thrown over for good measure will have everyone ooh’ing and aah’ing the in-trend style. 

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