Step In To Spring

Step In To Spring

It is the first week of October and this means that Spring is officially here  bringing upon warmer weather and a sense of fresh starts. Spring could easily be one of the best seasons around. From pretty floral to lovely scents, there’s something about the season that can instantly make you happy.

Spring is a good opportunity not only for a change of clothing attire but room decor too. Swap the heaters for fruity scented candles and winter throws with light duvets. It got me thinking about our current decor trends for Spring which I may like to Incorporate into my own living space. Here are a few of the trends that caught my eye.

Boho chic

The bohemian look never goes out of style – especially in Spring and Summer. Updated to have a more modern-esque approach. Bringing in a boho looks is a style that encourages comfort, vintage feel and pretty frills with some organised chaos thrown into the mix for good measure.





Statement artwork

Choice in artwork reveals a lot about a person. Have they chosen an abstract piece? Perhaps something more simple? Either way, statement artwork is currently all the rage and really speaks volumes about a person. From pop art to paint splatters, there are so many varied pieces around that shopping around can be both fun and challenging.






Does floral ever go out of style? We think not. Whether it be floral print or introduced with a bouquet of flowers, nothing screams print than flowers and flowery prints. It instantly lifts a mood and can be incorporated in many ways.





Rose gold

A bit new in the trend game, I think rose gold is here to stay. Simply classy without being overbearing, rose gold can work to brighten up a room or tone it down. Paired with other patterns and colour options, it never disappoints to look great.






.Scented candles

A bit of a different trend compared to the others, but don’t underestimate the power of a good scented candle. From a summer’s day scent to white cotton, there are so many to enjoy and discover that will add the final touch to any living space. Yankee candles, Mr Price Home and Typo offer some great candle options.

With a snapshot at some of the Spring 2016 trends, how will you be styling your living space? We hope some of the above sparked your creativity.






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