10 visa-free destinations for South Africans

10 visa-free destinations for South Africans

Sometimes we all need a holiday but with as little as hassle as possible. You’d be forgiven for thinking you need to plan an overseas trip a few months prior to take visas and documentation into consideration. IN actual fact, there are many countries you can travel to visa-free.

So, needing a break away? Check out any of the below ten places to be your next holiday destination.

sandals-691364_1280So, needing a break away? Check out any of the below ten places to be your next holiday destination.

Yes, the most recent 2016 Olympics took place in Rio, Brazil and now you can be heading there too! Full of rich culture and beautiful scenery, Brazil is the ideal Summer-time destination with their warm weather.

One of very few European countries accessible without a visa as South Africans, it’s worth the visit. Lush green country scenes and rich in history, an Irish holiday should be on every person’s travel bucket lost.

Hong Kong
One of Asia’s most popular destinations. IF you’re looking for cityscapes and culture, Hong Kong is the answer. With so many tourist options from temples to theme parks, there’s an activity fir everyone to enjoy.

The go-to travel spot for all holidays, Thailand is a must for anyone and everyone. Affordable, lovely weather and great people, what’s not to love? Thailand has a bit of everything making it the best country to head to – also, it’s seriously budget-friendly too.

New Zealand
Any fantasy film fans? New Zealand will be your number one destination if you’re a Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit fan. Playing the beautiful backdrop for the iconic films, you could witness the beauty in real life… without a visa!

Bring on the Caribbean holiday! Soak up the sun and fun in Barbados. Sip cocktails and take it easy without a visa needed in Barbados.

Bringing it closer to home, Mozambique is a country worth stopping over at. A popular destination amongst South Africans due to its close proximity and simple beauty, Moz is the ultimate in quick go-to holiday spots.

Don’t want to head too far away from home but still want the exotic island feeling? Mauritius is where it’s at. No visa means no problem and a holiday to remember!

Sometimes known as the Garden City, Singapore is another East Asian country you want to head to. Stunning waters, lots of shopping opportunities and incredible weather, Singapore offers everything you need without hurting your bank account too much.

Imagine escaping to Maldives during the dead of winter? Everyone around you would be jealous. Full of beautiful resorts to relax in, Maldives offers the best in beachside holidaying.

With only 10 of over 100 destinations mentioned, there are many options to consider for your next holiday. No visa, no problem. Hop on a plane today and get exploring!

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